Robert Leo | writer & creator

Robert Leo is an accomplished web developer / designer specializing in web-based software solutions, mobile applications, and robust web sites for mid- to top-tier businesses. But don’t let that fool you – he’s actually a pretty cool guy.

An avid reader with an eye toward the experimental and progressive, Robert naturally gravitated toward comic books and graphic novels at a fairly young age. From his tumultuous, i.e., prototypical, teenage years to his time at university writing poetry and short fiction on through to his current state of creative unrest, Robert has longed to one day transform his love of comics into something more, something tangible. And now, thanks to Hound Comics, so enters Igglish.

Together with his longtime friend Jonathan Udelson, Robert strives to impart the full extent of his imagination, humor, and wit upon each issue of Igglish. He hopes that readers of the series find its motley array of characters compelling, its story gripping, its world beautiful and absurd.

Robert lives in New York City with his lovely wife Courtney, their furniture, and a fine French Press.

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