Jonathan Udelson | writer & creator

Jon Udelson is a published writer of short stories, essays, articles, and non-fiction. He holds an MFA in Fiction from City College where he currently teaches classes in composition, creative writing, and, occasionally, graphic novels.

Although Jon has had a lifelong interest in the comics medium and has devoted much time to studying various serials and graphic novels, it was only in the last few years that he has attempted to turn his love of comics into something more. As an avid reader of literary greats and a prose writer by training, Jon has had, for as long as he can remember, a vested interest in language: its many mysteries, nuances, and ability to act as both creative and devastating forces. It is from this love of language that Igglish was born.

Along with his writing partner and longtime friend Robert Leo, Jon works diligently to script a comic that he feels the industry has never before seen—one that puts all the weight in the world on words, those intrinsic elements of our everyday lives that make almost all things happen, yet which too often go overlooked.

He is thankful to Hound Comics (and to future readers of Igglish) for an opportunity to publish his first comic serial.

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