David Erner | artist extraordinaire

Long ago, in a small University near the land of Boston, a young man was given his first visions of the strange and curious item known as “manga”.

The manga was difficult to understand. It was as if everything the young man had previously known was backwards. Everything was black and white and he could not seem to decipher the strange and mysterious artifact’s true meaning. Nevertheless he persevered in attempting to decipher this fantastic curio. Soon a small kind of understanding came upon him. A trickle of lucidity that did not strike through him like lightning, but rather seeped in as water slips through the cracks of rock. An idea began to form in the young man’s mind. No, not just an idea. A quest. A most valiant undertaking that would surely forge him into something… more.

The young man left his home and his land, his family and friends. He traveled to the mythical far east; the rumored home of “manga”. That legendary island shrouded in mystery, known to some as “the land of the rising sun”, to others as “the moon” and to the vast majority as “Japan”. There the young man sought his destiny. But the path was perilous. He would need to learn to communicate with these strange natives. To learn to think and see and taste as they do. For two years the young man trained alone before he deemed himself worthy of seeking out a teacher.

And he found one. At the renowned Tokyo Animator Institute. A place that teaches the secret method of crafting manga, passed down from generation to generation- master to disciple- professional to assistant. There, he learned the from the source. There, he finally met his destiny. And so, having learned the secret of manga, the young man returned to his home and his family and friends to use his new found abilities and understanding for the good of all mankind.

igglishDavid Erner