About Igglish

Words! They fool us into believing we’re the ones in control, that we use them to define our world. Bullshit! In the end, they define only us. And what lies they tell of us. And of us what lies they’ve made.Ignatius Elliott

Igglish centers on a lexicographer named Ignatius “Iggy” Elliott who, as we will learn, possesses the supernatural ability to “turn words into outcomes.” Meaning that Iggy can turn that which is said into that which exists. The story examines, both literally and metaphorically, the magic and power of words, as well as the role they play in our lives.

When the reader arrives in his life, Iggy has just finished compiling what is likely to be the final edition of his company’s dictionary. Due to his gift (of which he is initially unaware), the dictionary he creates is an overnight sensation that elevates its readers’ consciousnesses and opens their minds to thoughts they never-before had, or knew they could have.

As a byproduct of releasing this dictionary, Iggy is propelled into the Word Wars, a millennia-old conflict among several different factions–black magic grammarians, font ninjas, language vampires, and cults of the tongue, among others–who look to shape language to their own ends.

By shaping language, we shape thought. Thus, to control language is to control the world.

Robert LeoAbout Igglish